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Medical Equipment To Suit Your Needs

At Advanced Biomedical Equipment Services we provide a broad range of services to ensure the comfort and confidence of our clients.

Patient Assessment: A member of our team meets with and assesses the needs of the client. There is regular monitoring to ensure the best service is being provided.

Patient Training: An experienced member of our team insures that the patient and or caregiver is fully trained on the operation, safety and care of equipment. Instruction is carried out in the convenience and comfort of the client’s home.

Consultations: Our team meets, as may be required, with the clinician, caregiver or the client to solve any matter involving home care equipment and related services.

24 Hour Emergency Service: Special emergency assistance is available for selected equipment such as the respiratory aids through a 24-hour telephone answering service.

Rental & Purchase Options: We know our clients have a variety of needs when it comes to the time period for medical equipment use, so we offer options for renting or purchasing equipment based on the client’s individual needs.

Equipment Repairs: Keeping your medical equipment functioning properly after you take it home is important to us. That’s why we offer repair and maintenance services for your medical equipment, giving you peace of mind.

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